Emily at Three
Beautifully made.  Eaten with reckless abandon
What more can I say?  She's growing like a weed
Once again, click to enlarge at your own risk.
Hypnotic, isn't it?  I wish it was this easy to keep her this still
With her Aunt Helania
That's Emily there on the right.
Christmas at the Wiles home in Beverly, WV.  December 2004
Princess Emily sleeping next to her daddy, Giganto the Human Slug
Emily's first experience with make-up (Mary Kay)
Future career?
She loves the water.  In fact, I think she's part fish
Emily's first fish with her new Barbie fishing pole.  Don't you remember your first fish?  I caught a 16" carp from virtually the same spot 25 years earlier.  You can see a picture of it here.