Emily at the "Terrible Two's"
Actually, Emily wasn't so terrible, she was just extremely active.
The Aftermath
Clicking on any picture will blow it up to life size!  Well... not really
Blowing out the candles on her homemade birthday cake.  Note the Dragon Tales theme?
Glittering Prizes
a close-up of the scientific anomoly
Emily is holding the world famous "Siamese Banana" (it was an early morning discovery)
With her mom and aunt Mollie
Emily is fashioning a traditional Korean dress on New Years Day 2004
Sleeping Beauty (shhhhhh)
Play Doh is one of Emily's favorite toys to play with.  Here she is keeping herself clean by wearing the Harrod's apron that her Uncle Greggy got for her
This is one of my favorite pictures of Emily.  She's standing in front of our church