Favorite Food: Sushi, Ribeye Steak (rare please)
Favorite Team Sport: Baseball, Football
Favorite Individual Sport: Golf (is there any other?)
Favorite Team: Da Cubs
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Soft Drink: Vernors (America's oldest soda!)
Favorite Restaurant: Todai
Favorite Movie(s): Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Star Wars IV, V, VI

Edward S. Park
PGA Tour







Me and my Quality Hardware vintage WWII M1 Carbine
Driver: Taylor Made R580 XD with M.A.S 65 S-Flex, mid-torque graphite shaft.  9.5 deg. loft.  Swingweight D-3.
Fairway Woods: Original Orlimar Tri-Metals in 13 and 17 degree both with factory stiff shafts (which they no longer make)
Irons: Titleist DCI 962 (3-PW) with True Temper S300 steel shafts and Titleist logo full cord grips.  Standard length, 1 deg. flat.  Swingweight D-3
Wedges: Titleist Brad Faxon forged 56 deg. bent to 55 deg.  Cleveland 588 60 deg. lob wedge bent to 59 deg.
Putter: Teardrop Golf TD 21 with 33.5" shaft (company no longer exists) and Winn Midsize grip.  Also an old Wilson Invex with 32.5" shaft and Oversize Winn Grip.  And a Cobra Lo Pro by Bobby Grace on occasion.
Bag: Nike Golf lightweight carry bag
Ball: Nike One Black, Titleist Pro V1
Favorite Course: Harborside International (Starboard Course)
Best Score: 83 at Harborside International (Starboard).  Click here to see the scorecard (and yes, I counted EVERY stroke)

I also took the basic clubmaking class at
Golfsmith, and I highly recommend it.  It's COMPLETELY FREE, and you leave with two clubs that you build, as well as an instruction book. 
Remington 700 BDL bolt action 30-06 with synthetic stock and custom muzzle break.  Bauch and Lomb 6x9 scope bore sighted to 100 yds. (pic)

Mossberg 500A Persuader pump 12ga.  8-shot (6-shot with 3 in. magnum shells)  with Bear Creek folding stock and heat shield and front bead sight. (pic)

Quality Hardware M1 Carbine Semi-automatic delayed blowback, .30 Carbine rifle fed by a 15 or 30 rd. detachable box magazine.  All original with 'Type 3' adjustable rear sight and bayonet lug.  Serial number in the range of a lot sent to Panama in 1944 (pic)

Colt Series  MK IV Series 80 Enhanced Government Model Single action .45ACP delayed blowback semi-automatic pistol with rubber Colt Medalion grips, extended beavertail grip safety, arched mainspring housing, and 3-dot fixed sights in Colt Royal Blue finish. (pic)

Beretta 92FS Double/single action 9mm delayed blowback semi-automatic pistol and 3-dot fixed sights  in Bruniton finish.  The firearm that defends America.  (pic)

Ruger 22/45 Single action .22LR delayed blowback semi-automatic pistol in blue.  10 rd capacity.  All stock (pic)

Smith & Wesson 3913LS Double/single action 9mm delayed blowback semi-automatic pistol in LadySmith trim with Novack fixed rear sight.  8rd. capacity.  Actually, it's Heidi's gun, and she's a pretty good shot. (pic)
I'm standing in front of my old elementary school, Frank Toth Elementary in Perrysburg, OH, 26 years after I last set foot there.  For another view of the school, click here.  You know, I seem to remember it being a lot bigger.
Christmas 2004
Museum of Science and Industry